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Azuki Beans

Sun-Dried Tomato Coconut Quinoa and Bean Burgers

Creating and making different dishes stimulates the creative part of me and keeps me interested in working in the kitchen. We all must eat to survive, and that being so, it is beneficial to focus, keeping a positive and open mind when planning and implementing meals for the week. Why …

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Vegetarian Pumpkin Chili with Azuki Beans, Barley and Mushrooms

Vegetarian chili is a comforting, warming and nourishing one-pot meal for which I never tire of exploring new ideas — nor do my husband and I hardly ever tire of eating, especially during the cold months. Despite the relative simplicity of chili, at times the infinite number of variations on …

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Creamy Mung and Adzuki Bean Curry with Coconut

Red adzuki and green mung beans never get neglected for too long in my kitchen. Sweet and earthy, both of these beans are quick to cook up, easily digestible, and serve as a simple but tasty base for Indian curry spices and seasonings … what’s not to like? This curry …

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Roasted Carrot and Azuki Bean Salad

We seem to be starting to climb out of winter here in southwestern Ontario, so it’s time to put some color on the plate. Spiced roasted carrots, sweet red azuki beans and pieces of avocado on a bed of baby spinach do the trick here, and they’re absolutely delightful on …

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