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No Croutons Required Soup and Salad Roundup for May 2016 – Early Summer Edition

It was my turn to host No Croutons Required this month. As many of my readers will know, this is a monthly roundup of vegetarian and vegan soups and salads alternately hosted by my dear friend Jacqueline and myself. We had a nice turnout this month and so I have …

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Cannellini Bean and Asparagus Salad with Mushrooms

After an uncommonly cool spring, it is suddenly blazing hot here in southwestern Ontario. So this means that salads are in order, both to cool and refresh the palate and to avoid hovering over a hot stove for lengthy periods of time. This sudden heat wave also happens to coincide …

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Vegan Cauliflower and Broccoli Mornay

I haven’t made broccoli Mornay for ages, but it’s a classic baked cheese and vegetable casserole. Oddly enough, though, I dreamed about this dish the other night, giving me an instant craving. But this time around, I wasn’t content to make the classic Cheddar version … too much cheese has …

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Red Kidney Bean Jambalaya

This thick and hearty vegetable stew is a vegetarian version of the classic spicy Cajun jambalaya stew loaded with red kidney beans, brown rice and plenty of vegetables. And once the beans are cooked, it’s essentially a simple one-pot meal with everything you need for a complete meal. The Cajun …

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No Croutons Required – Calling out for Vegetarian Soups and Salads

It’s my turn to host No Croutons Required this month. Alternately hosted by my good friend Jacqueline of Tinned Tomatoes and Lisa’s Kitchen, this event features vegetarian soups and salads. It seems spring has finally arrived, so I expect we will be seeing more salads than soups, but those bloggers …

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