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Dal Curries and Soups

Turmeric Spiked Red Lentil and Spinach Dal

Turmeric is one of nature’s most powerful healing and anti-inflammatory foods, which makes it convenient for those of us who like to cook Indian food that it is also such an essential ingredient in curries. Earthy, slightly bitter, and ranging from aromatic to pungent in taste, turmeric is difficult to …

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Tamarind Broth with Puréed Toor Dal and Spices

A heat wave has once again enveloped Ontario, and that means lighter meals are in order. I’ve been serving a lot of salads lately, and wanted something fairly light, but different. A craving for Indian creations got me searching for some new ideas. The first book I flipped through was …

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Urad Dal Tomato Soup

A longtime favorite soup of mine that I often make when I don’t want to fuss and want something warming and easy to digest, this attractive and gently spiced ural dal and tomato soup is always worth another share. And another taste too. Creamy mild urad dal combines so well …

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