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Kidney Beans

Red Kidney Bean Jambalaya

This thick and hearty vegetable stew is a vegetarian version of the classic spicy Cajun jambalaya stew loaded with red kidney beans, brown rice and plenty of vegetables. And once the beans are cooked, it’s essentially a simple one-pot meal with everything you need for a complete meal. The Cajun …

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Classic Dal Makhani with a Vegan Twist

Creamy and rich dal makhani — literally “buttery lentils” — is probably one of my husband’s very favorite dishes on those rare occasions when we do eat or order out. This Punjabi dish usually consists of whole urad beans, kidney beans, butter, cream and, of course, spices. Popular at roadside …

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Kidney Bean Pumpkin Chili

When it is cold outside, there is nothing better than a spicy chili to warm up and nourish a soul. It also happens to be pumpkin season and I always make sure I have some fresh ones on hand when they are available to roast and enjoy. Not only are …

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